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We are a family owned and operated trading, processing and food storage firm. Our farms produce pure maple syrup, fresh raspberries, strawberries & blackberries. We are one of the nations largest ingredient suppliers to the food industry. Since 1988 some of the worlds best processors have relied on us. 

We hope you will take a moment and give our office a call to help your firm in securing your ingredient needs.



Since 1988 Serving the Food & Beverage Industry with... 

ECS Warehouse - Over 3 million cubic feet of Dry & Cold food storage.

Juice Concentrates & Purees - Our Fruit and Vegetables are supplied throughout the globe. We have worked hard to ensure you see only the highest of quality.

Fruits and Vegetables - From the sweet delicate flavor of kiwi to the ripe tang of orange. We work with world's premier growers and processors to bring you the best.

Herbs and Spices - Whether you need blended or pure herbs and spices. We provide both quality and efficiency.

Honey, Sweeteners & Syrups - Pure Maple is our passion. From the green rolling hills of New York we cook off the pure maple nectar. After hours of labor the sap is cooked down until only the soft glowing sugar is left. We all know this as Pure Maple Syrup. 

Powders & Dry Ingredients - Dried fruit and vegetables available in multiple forms.

Custom Services - Formulations and custom purchasing.


MEMBERS OF: American Frozen Food Institute – American Institute of Food Distribution – Northwest Food Processors Association – New York State Maple Producers Association-IARW


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