USDA's Environmental Quality Incentives Program makes $50 million in funding available nationwide for organic agriculture production.
On May 5th, Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced $50 Million for a new initiative to meet the Obama Administration's promise to encourage more organic agriculture production. Funding for the initiative is being made available as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Workplaces with high injury and illness rates notified by OSHA.
Approximately 13,500 employers received a letter last month from OSHA alerting them that their injury and illness rates are above the national average, and that the agency offers free assistance to help employers better protect the safety and health of their employees. The notifications were based on data reported by approximately 80,000 worksites surveyed by OSHA last year (the survey collected injury and illness data from calendar year 2007).

BEMA to review sanitary design, international baking.
Perspectives on how to design plants that maximize sanitation and thoughts on baking beyond the shores of the United States will be among topics addressed at the annual meeting of BEMA.

Computer system changes related to the Prior Notice Final Rule and Compliance Policy Guide for Imported Food Shipments.
On May 6, the Prior Notice Final Rule and the related Compliance Policy Guide took effect. The document provides guidance on enforcing the requirements for submitting prior notice for food imported or offered for import into the United States (21 CFR 1.276-1.285).



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