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Bulk Fruits and Vegetables Supplier

We offer a varied array of fruits and vegetables as either frozen, dried or canned for your processing needs.

Custom Product Sourcing

We Get What You Need

We’re your go-to source for hard-to-find ingredients. At Emerling Foods Inc, we take pride in our ability to source any product that our customers may need, no matter how rare or unusual. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, just let us know and we’ll put our extensive network of suppliers and industry contacts to work for you.

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Fast Fulfillment You Can Count On

At Emerling Foods Inc, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to fulfilling orders. That’s why we have a streamlined and efficient process that allows us to process and ship orders quickly. We know that our customers value fast fulfillment, and we work hard to deliver on that promise every time.


Apple Flakes
Apples – IQF
Apple Powder -20, Drum Dried
Apricot Halves – IQF
Artichoke – IQF
Asparagus Spears – IQF
Banana Powder -20, Freeze Dried
Barttlet Pears – IQF
Beet Juice Powder
Wild Blueberries – IQF
Blueberry Powder -40, Drum Dried
Broccoli – Flakes
Broccoli Florets – IQF
Butternut Squash Powder -20, Drum Dried
Cabbage Flakes
Cabbage – IQF
Cabbage Powder -20, Freeze Dried
Carrot Powder -60, Air Dried
Cauliflower Powder – Air Dried
Celery Powder -40, Air Dried
Coconut Milk Powder
Corn – IQF
Cranberry Flakes -6, Drum Dried
Cranberry Powder -40, Drum Dried
Crinkle Cut Carrot – IQF
Cucumber Powder -20, Freeze Dried
Dark Sweet Cherry, Pitted – IQF
Garlic – IQF
Ginger – IQF
Gold Potato – IQF
Grape Powder -20, Freeze Dried
Green Beans – IQF
Green Bell Peppers – IQF
Kale, Coarse Cut – IQF
Kale Powder -40, Air Dried
Leeks – IQF
Lime Powder
Mango – IQF
Mushroom – IQF
Onions – IQF
Green Onion Powder – 40, Air Dried
Orange Juice Powder
Pea Flakes ¼”, Freeze Dried
Peach – IQF
Peach Powder -20, Freeze Dried
Pineapple – IQF
Pineapple Powder -20, Drum Dried
Pomegranate Powder -40, Freeze Dried
Potato Flakes
Pumpkin Flakes -4, Drum Dried
Pumpkin Powder -40, Drum Dried
Raspberry – IQF
Raspberry Powder -40
Red Bell Pepper – IQF
Sour Cherry, Pitted – IQF
Spinach Chopped – IQF
Spinach Flakes
Spinach Powder -40, Freeze Dried
Strawberries – IQF
Strawberry Powder -40, Drum Dried
Sweet Potato Flakes
Sweet Potato – IQF
Tomato Dice – IQF, Slightly Reduced Moisture, Ready to Eat
White Onion Flakes

Get what you need every time

Looking for a hard-to-find ingredient? Let us do the work for you. At Emerling Foods Inc, we pride ourselves on our ability to source even the most specific ingredients. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll go the extra mile to get it for you.