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Ingredient Sourcing for Nutraceutical

Here at Emerling Foods, we eagerly specialize in ingredient sourcing for nutraceutical innovators of all sizes. We are passionate about supporting creators of supplements and functional foods. We love to provide flexible and tailored sourcing solutions that perfectly meet the unique needs of this industry.

Our dedicated team attentively understands the unique product objectives and formulation challenges of every nutraceutical brand. Leveraging our global network, we deliver precise ingredient solutions, empowering innovators to create standout bioactive compounds and functional ingredients, ensuring their formulas excel in this competitive market.

Ingredient Sourcing Markets

About The Nutraceutical Industry

As consumers actively chase health and wellness goals, the nutraceutical market is booming. Formulating products containing scientifically backed vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and botanicals requires quality ingredient sourcing for nutraceutical businesses to secure reliably sourced components.

However, locating specialty ingredients proven to deliver targeted wellness benefits can prove challenging even for established brands. This is where leveraging Emerling Foods as a professional ingredient-sourcing partner pays dividends.


How We Serve The Nutraceutical Industry

Leveraging 30+ years of expertise in cultivating robust global connections within the supply chain, Emerling Foods offers support to nutraceutical enterprises by:

  • Sourcing Novel Functional Ingredients

We identify and provide access to promising functional components from leading research institutions and suppliers at the forefront of nutrition/bioscience. This supports the development of truly differentiated products.

  • Procuring Key Ingredients Driving Innovation

Our network not only facilitates access to specialty proteins, fibers, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, plant compounds, and extracts but also fosters collaboration, driving forward-thinking product innovation that sets industry benchmarks.

  • Meeting Organic & Non-GMO Sourcing Needs

We understand the importance of impeccable sourcing protocols and supply chain transparency to nutraceutical brands. That is why we verify all supplier processes align with the stringent certification standards necessary to label claims.

  • Supplying Small-Batch Specialty Requests

For smaller manufacturers creating boutique nutraceuticals, we cater our sourcing process to locate sustainable sources of botanicals and other specialty ingredients frequently purchased in smaller quantities.

  • Identifying Next-Generation Ingredient Trends

Our ongoing R&D continually explores research on the benefits of exotic botanicals and novel nutrients to supply rising stars primed to deliver differentiated wellness advantages.

Why Choose Emerling Foods?

Emerling Foods brings over 30 years of laser focus, passionately serving the nutraceutical industry to each client partnership built on trust and transparency. We eagerly offer exceptional customer service, striving to understand every brand’s specific sourcing requirement. We then leverage our unmatched global network and resources to fulfill their exact needs through:

  • Stringent vetting ensures reputable suppliers
  • Meticulous quality control and safety protocols
  • Innovative climate-controlled storage infrastructure
  • Turnkey shipping/logistics expertise
  • Custom solutions aligning with sourcing goals

Our tailored and personalized methodology in nutraceutical ingredient sourcing signifies our commitment to viewing every client as a collaborative partner. By meticulously understanding their unique goals, market positioning, and specific needs, we embark on a collaborative journey, sourcing a spectrum of ingredients meticulously curated to pave the way for the next wave of groundbreaking supplements and functional foods.

For more information on ingredient sourcing for nutraceutical, contact us today.