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Ingredient Sourcing for Food Industry

At Emerling Foods, we specialize in supplying top-quality ingredients to enable food manufacturers of all sizes to develop premium products that today’s consumers crave. With over 30 years of sourcing expertise and strong relationships with suppliers nationwide, we provide custom ingredient solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food industry.

Ingredient Sourcing for Food Industry

Ingredient Sourcing Markets

About the Food Industry

The food production industry continues expanding globally to meet rising consumer demand. Developing profitable and appealing food products requires securing high-quality commodities and ingredient sourcing for food industry that offer versatility for countless applications.

When developing recipes, acquiring innovative ingredients relies on strong relationships and resources. Supply chain disruptions can disrupt business operations if ingredient availability is compromised. That is where leveraging a dedicated ingredient-sourcing partner offers assurances.

Ingredient Sourcing for Food Industry - Emerling Foods

How We Serve the Food Industry

Thanks to over three decades of cultivating meaningful supplier relationships, Emerling Foods provides targeted ingredient sourcing for food industry, supporting businesses of all types through:

  • Ingredient Sourcing for Product Development

Our extensive network grants access to even hard-to-find ingredients to spark recipe innovation for next-generation food products. We locate specialty items like ancient grains, unique botanical extracts, exotic fruits and vegetables, custom cuts of meat, and much more to fuel creativity.

  • Sourcing Alternative Ingredients

When factors beyond manufacturers’ control lead to ingredient scarcity, we swiftly source equivalent substitutions. Our flexibility prevents brands from halting production or compromising quality to keep goods flowing to eager consumers.

  • Securing Small-Batch Specialty Items

Artisanal food makers creating handcrafted or regionally-inspired goods in small batches depend on our small-quantity sourcing services. We focus on their niche needs to locate specialty ingredients from local farmers, growers, and purveyors.

  • Providing Organic & Non-GMO Options

With organics and non-GMO among the fastest-growing food segments, we connect producers of all sizes to verified suppliers of grains, produce, oils, and more, meeting stringent certification standards.

  • Sourcing for Food Safety & Compliance

Ingredient traceability and compliance grow more crucial, especially for imports. We assess suppliers thoroughly to provide components meeting laws and safety standards so brands minimize regulatory risk.

Food Industry

Why Choose Emerling Foods?

Emerling Foods brings extensive food industry expertise to ingredient sourcing, fulfilling needs from multinational CPG brands to small-scale artisanal startups. Our commitment to honest, ethical practices builds trust. We offer hands-on customer service, striving to understand clients’ goals and challenges to provide ingredients that enable success.

We have vetted sustainably-focused suppliers for over three decades to enable responsible sourcing for our customers. Our state-of-the-art storage and shipping infrastructure allow us to seamlessly support logistics and supply chain needs, regardless of scale. Whether an established multinational or a promising startup, we can provide custom solutions tailored to any operational size.

Our flexible, customized approach means we put in the work to understand precisely what each customer requires to support their continued growth and innovation. Then, we leverage our extensive supplier relationships and technical knowledge to deliver specialized products when and how they are needed.

For more information about ingredient sourcing for food industry, feel free to contact us today.